Undisputed [adjective]

Definition of Undisputed:


Opposite/Antonyms of Undisputed:

Sentence/Example of Undisputed:

And, of this island realm, he and his companion were the undisputed sovereigns.

On that view he considered himself entitled to undisputed success.

The certificates and the votes of thirty-four of the States are undisputed.

Within three weeks I shall be the undisputed ruler of Earth.

That is part of her kingdom; that is part of her undisputed sway and realm.

This picture will endure as undisputed history for all time.

Her family had place and power; her paternity was undisputed; but this Louis––tah!

Why is the collar-bone the undisputed king of the osseous frame?

There will be no valeting, and you will have undisputed charge of the pantry and wine-cellar.

How different was their state while yet the undisputed lords of the soil!