Undistinguished [adjective]

Definition of Undistinguished:


Opposite/Antonyms of Undistinguished:

Sentence/Example of Undistinguished:

I knew no reason why I should resignedly submit to so undistinguished a fate.

That I am too poor, too ignoble, too undistinguished, to raise my eyes to such attraction.

Our voyage for some weeks was undistinguished by any feature of unusual character.

They are the untitled and undistinguished mass of the English people.

He was a short, curly-haired man of undistinguished appearance.

Chance might give a charming daughter to an undistinguished father.

He was undistinguished by his garb—his mode of life, from the rest of the citizens.

Amongst these we wandered for a few minutes, undistinguished and unregarded.

I must become again an undistinguished member of this great school.

But she donned these undistinguished garments an hour later.