Undogmatic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Undogmatic:

Mr. Warner was the most undogmatic of idealists, the most winning of teachers.

A new, undogmatic Christianity was being preached in pulpits.

Lessing learned from the Moravians the undogmatic essence of religion.

He has been enveloped from his youth up by a hazy atmosphere of Undogmatic Religion.

The negative answer to the question proposed would only be unjudicial, not undogmatic.

It is in practical affairs that the eclectic or undogmatic spirit is most valuable, and also least dangerous.

They hired halls, in which they had moral discourses and lectures on philosophy, with singing of undogmatic hymns.

He proposed to establish a civil religion which was to be a sort of undogmatic Christianity.

Another claim made for Bahaism is that it is a rational and undogmatic religion.