Undomesticated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Undomesticated:

Undomesticated animals do not die of it; domesticated ones do.

Nature is usually taken to mean mountains, rivers, clouds and undomesticated animals and plants.

He shows us the cat as a diminutive but undomesticated tiger to whom we are nothing more than an overgrown and uneatable prey.

Another maxim was, to keep Jemima ignorant of her own capacity, lest she should set up for a genius, and be undomesticated.

There are many features in the life of the Swallow so prominent, that no undomesticated bird is more thoroughly known.

Of all the undomesticated animals of Palestine, none is mentioned so frequently as the Lion.

This penalty to future generations for becoming Christians was afterwards extended to all the undomesticated races.

For she was very lightly clad; and (except in Egypt) Cats are terrible to undomesticated goddesses.

The aborigines had a fierce, undomesticated dog, which they hunted for its flesh.

Incidentally there was a good deal of unauthorized and undomesticated livestock.