Undress [verb]

Definition of Undress:

take off clothes

Synonyms of Undress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undress:




Sentence/Example of Undress:

Now when the night came, he could not even persuade himself to undress.

The figure was that of a French officer, in undress, and was six feet high.

Henry went to his bedroom, leaving Gilbert in the hall, and began to undress.

Her women entered her apartment only to dress and undress her.

He only had time to take it into the other room, so that he might not have to undress in the dark.

Fandor-Vinson began to undress: the priest continued to polish his nails.

He began to undress; but the merciless noise racked his nerves.

For to-night not Sheelah, but his mother, was going to undress him and put him to bed.

To-night, as he assisted me to undress, it wore an expression of supreme woe.

Feeling dizzy, he made an effort to undress and get into bed.