Undressed [adjective]

Definition of Undressed:

without clothing

Synonyms of Undressed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undressed:

Sentence/Example of Undressed:

He had not undressed, and he sat beside the table, smoking his pipe and reading his newspaper.

They undressed again, and Dan put his gun away in his bureau.

He undressed, took his sword in his hand, and thus dived into the water.

I read and smoked for a little, then undressed and went to bed.

In spite of her passion for fresh air, Jan shivered herself as she undressed.

She threw down her cloak and muff, the instant she came in, with an air of ill-humour, and undressed herself in a hurried manner.

I know she's nude, so let her be a peasant woman who has undressed.

As Quenu undressed himself he listened to Lisa making her own preparations.

I undressed, and it was only when I was getting into bed that I noticed your present.

Here is his latest, brought up to my room after he had undressed.