Undresses [verb]

Definition of Undresses:

take off clothes

Synonyms of Undresses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undresses:




Sentence/Example of Undresses:

She explains the trick to him and leaves, and he undresses and crawls in.

She undresses hastily, hiding the mud-stained clothes in her cupboard.

We watch him to see if he washes, undresses and dresses, and eats properly.

When she undresses for bed she takes off her jewelry, I suppose.

Tell your mistress I want to speak to her directly—before she undresses.

Then at night when she undresses, it falls out and she preserves it.

Stoffel undresses himself, and then he draws the curtain when he hears us on the steps.

There he undresses, and takes oath that he has had no recourse to magic.

If Yulun should make the effort she could leave her body as easily as she undresses herself.

One undresses and wraps oneself up in a towel and shuffles in clogs into other rooms where hot water pours from a jet.