Undulates [verb]

Definition of Undulates:

rise and fall

Synonyms of Undulates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undulates:


Sentence/Example of Undulates:

Don't they look brave As they undulate—(undulate, mind you,From unda, a wave).

In the meadows I see her undulate—the black miner, the mole, continues her labours.

Mrs. Hearty collapsed into a chair and began to undulate with mirth.

The two lower lobes are very small; the lobes are undulate or entire.

I vow if her neck had been bare one could have seen it undulate beneath the skin.

It began to undulate like the threads of a cobweb lifted by the wind.

For variety's sake the engineer made it undulate horizontally, like a great serpent flying over the earth.

The momentum of his jump carried him in a long swing, and he at once began to undulate himself to increase his swing.

Her eyes began to glitter more brilliantly, and her shape to undulate in freer curves.

Moreover, the air has not only been made to undulate, but has had currents caused in it by the transit of the bodies.