Undulations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Undulations:

In undulation, not one wave is like another; in vibration, every pulse is alike.

No undulation of air can there convey sound, song, or speech.

It is because—this is my hypothesis—these properties, if they are in the undulation, are not there alone.

The motion of this latter is thought, of which perception is the first undulation.

It swayed with a truly Hellenic undulation like the pictures in the mythology.

Often it is their undulation only which reveals the water beneath them.

Growth stretches for miles, without ever a hint of undulation.

Walls and roof shut it off as they shut off the undulation of light.

The Polyphemi of Montfort have an undulation in the centre of the outer lip.

By undulation following undulation, sound is diffused in the air.