Unduly [adverb]

Definition of Unduly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unduly:

Sentence/Example of Unduly:

He was convinced by what she told him that both Lloyd and her mother were unduly alarmed.

He will not be puffed up by success, or unduly depressed by failure.

Meantime, he counselled the public to be not unduly alarmed.

The digestive organs are weakened by illness, and should not be unduly taxed.

Of course, my dear sir, you understand that I am not unduly curious.

When he spoke, it was with no trace of consciousness that the question had been unduly intimate.

Some of its votaries, on the other hand, are inclined to exalt it unduly.

This course has led to legislation which unduly interferes with liberty.

I fear that trying to be conversational I have only managed to be unduly discursive.

There was nothing now to hurry them unduly, and everything to invite caution.