Undying [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Undying:

To his undying credit, K. Le Moyne did not laugh when he turned and saw her.

It is a universal and undying characteristic of human nature.

Why, the very foundation of its sentiment is undying animosity to England.

Nor does she require to be assured of my undying love and faith.

One hope still lived, with undying vigor, in the bosom of Henry.

No, she does not know that she has a dying son, only that she has an undying!

Because a brute has not reason, faith, nor an undying spirit, nor conscience.

And yet, seeing her so, I felt that I loved her with an undying love.

Short as was her professional career, it gave her undying fame.

Never compliment a woman and you will earn her undying enmity.