Unearth [verb]

Definition of Unearth:

dig up

Synonyms of Unearth:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unearth:

Sentence/Example of Unearth:

He knew every corner of it, and he intended to unearth Meg and the children if they were to be found.

"There's nothing to unearth, papa," said the younger daughter.

Hogs often unearth and consume most of the seeds needed for a good growth.

But admitting that he could unearth anything about her, could he write the life of a saint?

Then, poor fellow, we must unearth his body and lay it in the hut, covering him up.

Two years were required to unearth the skeleton of a brontosaurus.

I might continue my search, and unearth other rifles, or perhaps cartridges.

They sounded important, though, and it would be only polite to unearth them.

It is important that we capture them, as we may unearth a nest of conspirators.

Where in the world did you unearth that man you introduced us to, at the bazaar?