Unearthly [adjective]

Definition of Unearthly:

supernatural; very strange

Opposite/Antonyms of Unearthly:

Sentence/Example of Unearthly:

It was motionless as marble; but never had she seen anything so beautiful, and so unearthly.

"What an unearthly hour," he said, unable to check the yawns.

When first I saw the donkey I saw him in the sunlight as the unearthly gargoyle that he is.

The steel-shod sides were bathed in an unearthly orange glow.

It covered the dawn, the clouding and the unearthly sunset of a hope.

The silence of the room was broken by a fall, a succession of unearthly screams.

Socrates as yet does not know himself; and why should he care to know about unearthly monsters?

His answer was an unearthly howl from the box, accompanied by a mighty scratching.

In seconds the room was filled with unearthly hoots and wails and whistles.

There was a roar in his ears like the bombardment of unearthly artillery.