Unease [noun]

Definition of Unease:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unease:

Sentence/Example of Unease:

But even in the refuge of her own rooms the ring encircled Flora with unease.

Julyman was troubled at the unease he observed in the white man's eyes.

But only his body betrayed his unease; his face was impassive and calm.

Brion followed him, trying to ignore the growing tension and unease he felt.

He got up and paced, stunned, just conscious of a feeling of unease.

His frown froze on his face as he became conscious of a sense of unease.

Beneath it my mind struggled, its unease, its forebodings growing ever stronger.

Wantele's face was overcast with an expression of anxiety and unease.

He no longer felt the unease he had experienced at the woman's first interruption.

Everything he looked at added to his sense of astonishment and unease.