Uneatable [adjective]

Definition of Uneatable:


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Sentence/Example of Uneatable:

The bread was sour and the Italian butter rank and cheesy—often uneatable.

This was all in accord with the Book of Daniel, and the jam that was uneatable because it was not dear enough.

The chops were served to us the next morning charred black, uneatable.

And the food got so uneatable that I lived on crackers for the last fortnight.

Puddings when cold are uneatable; and love when coldrife is near the breaking off.

The core itself, which is about the size and shape of the handle of a knife, is uneatable.

Suppose they are nearly hatched,” I said; “I am afraid they would be uneatable!

Its flesh is uneatable except by an aboriginal or a victim to famine.

We merely shot it because it injured the maize, for its flesh is uneatable.

Not that we were not hungry, and not that the bread was uneatable.