Uneconomical [adjective]

Definition of Uneconomical:

careless, spendthrift

Synonyms of Uneconomical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uneconomical:

Sentence/Example of Uneconomical:

How inefficient and uneconomical our schools, because we cannot fully answer them!

The advent of incandescent lamps of higher efficiency has made it uneconomical to use carbon lamps for general lighting purposes.

Thirdly, it is uneconomical, in taking up valuable room that can be better appropriated.

To leave so powerful and profitable a calling in the hands of foreigners seemed both dangerous and uneconomical.

This method of cane culture is, however, most uneconomical, since the soil in time will certainly become exhausted.

The infinitesimal patches of land are cultivated in the most rude and uneconomical fashion.

For a similar reason the use of the world as a base for interstellar travel, except for trade in certain items, is uneconomical.

This was dangerous in the face of the enemy (cf. the Peninsular War), and it was also uneconomical.

The first steam engine invented by Hero was a rotary engine, but it was of course, most uneconomical of steam.

Not only would it be uneconomical to employ a liner, it would also be impossible—there just aren't the landing facilities.