Unembarrassed [adjective]

Definition of Unembarrassed:

open, unaffected

Opposite/Antonyms of Unembarrassed:

Sentence/Example of Unembarrassed:

His manner was free and unembarrassed, and he carried a letter of recommendation in his face.

The chief was unembarrassed, dignified, and courtly in his address.

The girl was young, good-looking, unembarrassed, very much at home.

He was as natural as a bird, and as graceful and unembarrassed.

She was impatient to get through it; to breathe an unembarrassed air.

He was consistent in all he said, and maintained a calm and unembarrassed manner.

He approached the lady on the bench a little doubtfully, but unembarrassed.

And she laughed her delicious, unembarrassed laugh of a child.

She looked so unembarrassed that for a moment he felt puzzled.

It was true that Cornelia had met her lover since, but she was then unembarrassed.