Unemployed [adjective]

Definition of Unemployed:

without a job

Opposite/Antonyms of Unemployed:

Sentence/Example of Unemployed:

It is those who are unemployed to whom expectation becomes an agony.

How to put the unemployed millions to work is the problem of the day.

His idleness, Emma; surely, you don't mean that; he's seldom if ever unemployed.

It is that unemployed force in our hearts which is striving for union with others.

Her son had not this gift; or, if he had, he left it unemployed.

Of the remaining number three were ill and five were unemployed.

Barring the beggars, there are no unemployed and no unemployables.

It feels there are other faculties, lying dormant and unemployed.

The Government does not seem to have contemplated the case of unemployed wives.

It is the unemployed who have been keeping up the competition in wages.