Unencumbered [adjective]

Definition of Unencumbered:

not encumbered

Synonyms of Unencumbered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unencumbered:


Sentence/Example of Unencumbered:

There is nothing wanting; and yet how clear and unencumbered are her decks!

"A French Widow of eighteen, unencumbered," and so forth and so on.

Let the grand idea suffice, unencumbered by the multitude of details.

He owned more than 300 houses in this city, all unencumbered.

I want you to use your wits in your own way, unhampered, unencumbered.

Couldn't you perhaps take her, independent, unencumbered as you are?

He was past the prime of life, and, being a bachelor, was unencumbered with a family.

"A widow—it is said—rich, unencumbered," I as abruptly answered.

His three hundred acres of wheat had failed, so he was unencumbered.

And she could do it, now as she was and unencumbered, she knew this power was in her.