Unendingly [adverb]

Definition of Unendingly:

always, at any time

Opposite/Antonyms of Unendingly:


Sentence/Example of Unendingly:

He did so fear, and he feared mightily, constantly and unendingly.

These have been multiplied again and again, until the ground is furrowed with them unendingly.

Whenever he had a thing on his mind Bluff was apt to chatter about it unendingly.

Again Cary spoke to him in warning tones, which at the same time thanked him unendingly for the kindly thought.

Those who have gone blind since they were twenty years old—their lives are unendingly dreary.

One to remember all her life, all that long, every-day kind of life that stretched so unendingly on into the future.

Oh, that we may be enabled to contemplate Him, and may come one day to live with Him unendingly!

Unendingly little groups of wounded men appear over the last crest and march slowly towards us.