Unengaged [adjective]

Definition of Unengaged:

without a job

Opposite/Antonyms of Unengaged:

Sentence/Example of Unengaged:

Going to his office, he was fortunate enough to find him in, and unengaged.

At that moment Darrell, seeing Kate unengaged, hastened to her side.

If your thoughts are unengaged, I shall explain myself further.'

When unengaged, the position of Judge Dargan was that of drowsiness.

The more Miss Asher sees of me in an unengaged condition the less she will like me.

Wheaton's unengaged hand went nervously to his throat, and he fumbled at his tie.

We were great friends and companions, and rarely separate when both of us were unengaged otherwise.

For a moment he forgot Maurice, covered his face with his unengaged hand, and sobbed.

The result was the council broke up in one big row and Martha Scroggs spent the afternoon unengaged.

It even reached into the vortex of combat, and turned all the unengaged there into peacemakers.