Unentertaining [adjective]

Definition of Unentertaining:

boring, uneventful

Synonyms of Unentertaining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unentertaining:

Sentence/Example of Unentertaining:

Amongst other stories that he told were one or two which may appear perhaps not unentertaining to my readers.

Wellington was now my constant visitor—a most unentertaining one, Heaven knows!

If the world had been full of such men, life would have probably appeared to Jukes an unentertaining and unprofitable business.

At our measuring, I was confined eight hours in the day to the most unentertaining employment, with yet more disagreeable company.

A short digression therefore, on that subject, may perhaps be neither unuseful nor unentertaining.

But as a mere matter of psychology (that merry pastime) there is a question that is not unentertaining.