Unequal [adjective]

Definition of Unequal:


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Sentence/Example of Unequal:

It is an unequal bargain, where one side does all the loving.

He saw, too, that she was stiffening herself as if for some unequal contest.

But for my day's fast I should have been unequal to this, or to the crude output of their frying-pans.

He seemed fascinated and yet unequal to a straight look at me.

He did not dare express all his rancour, while he was unequal to suppressing it entirely.

Proportion the connection of unequal quantities with each other.

But to contend with a master of legions is ever an unequal struggle.

The tubes are adnate, their mouths large, unequal; lemon-yellow.

What principle of rival Sophists or anybody else can overcome in such an unequal contest?

For now, as always, I am unequal to the refutation of not-being.