Unequivocally [adverb]

Definition of Unequivocally:

absolutely, definitely

Opposite/Antonyms of Unequivocally:

Sentence/Example of Unequivocally:

The photographic magnitudes are then unequivocally determined.

Mrs. Vincent roundly and unequivocally condemned the conduct of her husband.

Ought I not to speak decidedly, and unequivocally, of this my infirmity?

The companion of the knight was as evidently a Saxon, as the knight was unequivocally a Norman.

So said Sally, and Dr. Conrad thought so too, unequivocally.

Most unequivocally lucky in this instance was George Godolphin.

He has unequivocally declared, that women are necessary to men.

These things are just as clearly, just as fully, just as unequivocally, taught in the Word.

Gay and Lorna were unequivocally glad on Henrietta's account.

All those sentiments were unequivocally in favour of the tragedy.