Unerring [adjective]

Definition of Unerring:


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Sentence/Example of Unerring:

On the other hand, youth is often gifted with a credulity divine and unerring.

We introduce it as historical information, from a most unerring source.

And then comes in the unerring choice of the best of those suggestions.

I do not quite like that phrase, 'the rapid and unerring glance of Erskine.'

It was all humbug––all this mummery about intuitions and unerring perception and inscrutability.

But she had always, as by an unerring instinct, found her way back.

He felt the man's identity with an instinct as unerring as Sanda's.

He had read the yearning of her heart with unerring insight.

The soundest political acumen, the most unerring tact, was exacted of him.

The blow had been unerring, and had no doubt penetrated to the heart.