Unessential [adjective]

Definition of Unessential:


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Sentence/Example of Unessential:

It was like a woman, he thought, to fasten upon the unessential.

As far as the teaching of grammar is concerned, it is unessential.

In unessential matters he is ready to yield to the sentiments of his inferiors.

Let it be my task to find it and to separate it from what is unessential and false.

He likes to be consulted, and I pamper him as much as possible in all unessential details.

It was one of her own offspring, only shorn of its unessential adornments.

She prepared hot water and bustled with unessential occupation.

But of all the other six ‘factors’ enumerated, he shows that they are unessential.

By what criterion is the convert to distinguish the essential from the unessential?

What he does not like is unessential, if not a positive misrepresentation.