Unexcelled [adjective]

Definition of Unexcelled:

excellent, first-class

Opposite/Antonyms of Unexcelled:

Sentence/Example of Unexcelled:

Watterson was also the cook, and in both capacities was unexcelled.

In attending to his own business and never meddling with others, he is unexcelled.

But I think my death scene is unexcelled By any in cold print.

It penetrates fifty miles of unexcelled beauty and splendor.

Considered as a whole, it is unexcelled mountain architecture.

The Swedish university courses are of unexcelled thoroughness and completeness.

It became an unexcelled machine for the administration of charity.

Hooper had a mastery of the English unexcelled by any southern writer.

As a picture of life in the English Army in India it is unexcelled.

Wolfskin mitts are unexcelled for use in cold windy weather.