Unexceptionable [adjective]

Definition of Unexceptionable:

enough, adequate

Synonyms of Unexceptionable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unexceptionable:

Sentence/Example of Unexceptionable:

We should never allow them to acquire this unexceptionable right.

And the sentiments she suggested were unexceptionable and mainly of a domestic order.

But if they fail as stories they are unexceptionable as canvases.

Hodgkinson, who in other respects was unexceptionable, rather failed in it.

If required, the most unexceptionable references can be furnished.

However, their kisses were unexceptionable, whatever their origin may have been.

The summerhouse remained, and a most unexceptionable path led to it.

And her father's family and reputation were unexceptionable.

Her hand and wrist were yet unexceptionable, as he could not help remarking.

Some of them are of unexceptionable family—at least from your point of view.