Unexplainable [adjective]

Definition of Unexplainable:


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Sentence/Example of Unexplainable:

Creaks and cracks and rustlings mysterious and unexplainable.

But again that unexplainable, senseless "hunch" restrained him.

But beneath it all there was a deep undercurrent of some unexplainable feeling.

Something was happening, though—something odd 203 and unexplainable.

Likely it was one of the unexplainable things that happen once in a while.

Ever since her return, she had been bothered by an unexplainable apprehension.

“It is said to be full of unexplainable phenomena,” he said.

He was merely hanging on, for a reason unexplained and unexplainable to her.

Why Wilkes should have failed to give the name of the writer is unexplainable.

He was face to face with the unexplainable—the riddle of Khinjan Caves.