Unexplained [adjective]

Definition of Unexplained:

obscure, mysterious

Opposite/Antonyms of Unexplained:

Sentence/Example of Unexplained:

He may have died solitary and unexplained; but no matter what he said, his story was safe.

He may select for enquiry some point of history or some unexplained phenomenon of nature.

That unexplained preparation was as fascinating to watch as its purport was veiled.

There were some who, for some unexplained reason, were not enrolled.

Little by little there came to him the unexplained intuition of a danger that menaced him.

For some unexplained reason Beaujeu silently declined obeying these orders.

The janandra was essential, in this unexplained manner, to his well-being.

But this was not the only influence the unexplained paroxysm had left behind it.

That there are influences and attractions uncontrollable and unexplained I feel certain.

The “migration of the squirrels” is still an unexplained fact.