Unexpressive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unexpressive:

With unexpressive notes, meaning beyond the power of human expression.

With unexpressive face, the boy turned and climbed the railings.

He was not shy and unexpressive; he was buoyant and self-reliant, and yet he seemed to appreciate her quality none the less.

You will love other women, and one day the unexpressive she will appear who has never once peeped into these worldly text-books.

Unexpressive, un-eks-pres′iv, adj. not expressive: incapable of being expressed.

Peace filled their souls so that they perceived the unexpressive adoration of the river, and the trees, and the solemn moonlight.

They saw the face dimly in the half-light, with unexpressive dark patches under the penthouse brows.

Some of the portraits themselves are rather stiff and unexpressive; but the vignettes are uniformly tasteful and agreeable.

Did I not know what a lovely soul hid behind that unexpressive countenance?

His square, unexpressive face was relieved by a pair of fine dark-brown eyes.