Unfairly [adverb]

Definition of Unfairly:


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Sentence/Example of Unfairly:

The guard treated him unfairly, lied about him to the warden, lost his credits, persecuted him.

He'd say, and not unfairly either, 'What has Davis to do with this?

"If so, he's treating me unfairly," said Norwood, rising and pacing the room.

Yet there was not perhaps any wish to have the House of Commons unfairly packed.

He had been unfairly forced out of the track, and must get back into it as best he could.

It came so unexpectedly and was struck so unfairly that there was an instant cry of, 'Coward!

“No, I have been unfairly taken, and I will be properly released,” he said to himself.

He will not think he has been baptized; but I will tell him, and let him know how unfairly you have dealt with me.

Temple was accused, but unfairly, of having thrust at him when he was down.

As sure as he ran to retrieve one the other came after him and took him unfairly in the rear.