Unfaltering [adjective]

Definition of Unfaltering:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unfaltering:

Sentence/Example of Unfaltering:

He hesitated, looking at her firmly with his unfaltering gaze.

From that time until the present year she has been unfaltering in her devotion.

But courage was unfaltering, faith undimmed, power unabated.

How many reasons for your deep and unfaltering affection for each other!

Now, from Alicia's manner it was plain that the blow had fallen from an unfaltering hand.

Her unfaltering logic notwithstanding, I felt this about Paulina as I listened.

With unfaltering step he walked to the great chair and seated himself.

Now His unfaltering trust in His Father has its sweet reward.

Unfaltering in courage and allegiance to the Master, his “No!”

Reed's eyes lost a little of their eagerness; but his smile was unfaltering.