Unfathomed [adjective]

Definition of Unfathomed:

situated deep or wide

Synonyms of Unfathomed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfathomed:

Sentence/Example of Unfathomed:

Here is the natural—but there is the vast, unfathomed supernatural.

No man so amphibious has since arisen through the unfathomed tide of time.

The stream begins in mystery, and ends in unfathomed darkness.

There was only one thought which could set him aflame, and that was the thought of the unfathomed might of man.

What brought him to bustling, sunny Naples, was an unfathomed mystery.

No understanding of history is adequate which has no place for the unfathomed in personality.

Then I spoke of the modern and real immensity of the unfathomed Skies.

There are deeps, unfathomed deeps, of calm rest and peace, down in that ocean's undisturbed recesses.

Their spirits come up from the unfathomed deeps of the great river and call their mortality from graves.

Everything is in blossom, and, in this unfathomed recess, a botanist might find sufficient material to occupy him for a lifetime.