Unfeminine [adjective]

Definition of Unfeminine:


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Sentence/Example of Unfeminine:

It is so unfeminine and indelicate for young ladies to have appetites.

She was tall, but not so tall as to be unfeminine in her height.

It is a sin and a shame for a woman to be untidy or careless in her dress; it is unfeminine!

You may be thankful it was my indecorous, unfeminine self, and not any of the proprieties.

Independence is unfeminine: what a pity that starvation and insanity are not unfeminine also!

Independence is unfeminine, but what provision is made for dependence?

Then, as if abashed by her unfeminine behavior, she drew back, in shame.

Your words are such as ought not to be used: violent, unfeminine, and untrue.

But if these things are unfeminine it is no answer to say that they fit into each other.

Shall a woman be flayed alive because it is unfeminine in her to fight for her own skin?