Unfertile [adjective]

Definition of Unfertile:

not bearing fruit, young

Synonyms of Unfertile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfertile:

Sentence/Example of Unfertile:

But no breed produces so great a proportion of unfertile eggs.

Should have had thirteen, but the chicken crushed three, two were unfertile.

Why should emigrants on the way of civilization settle preferentially in unfertile countries?

And no word of kindly interest or criticism dropped in the public ear from friendly lips goes unregarded or is unfertile of good.

He found the slope of his life, like the slope of his ancestral fields, unfertile, shallow-soiled.

The subsoil is usually gravel, but in some parts an unfertile clay.

Though the climate is raw and good soil rare, the heath is not unfertile.

The soil of Switzerland is, in general, stony and unfertile, but the peasants spare no pains to render it productive.

I believe Philadelphia must be an unfertile soil, or it would not produce so many unfruitful women.

It is the third smallest State, rocky and uneven in surface, unfertile except in the Connecticut River valley.