Unfitted [adjective]

Definition of Unfitted:

unskillful, unable

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfitted:

Sentence/Example of Unfitted:

His fancy on the subject is a wild one, though not unfitted for the poet.

Children who live away from home are unfitted for domestic life.

For the law, diplomacy had unfitted him; for diplomacy he already knew too much.

I shall show that the sordidness of the struggle has not unfitted me to use the victory.

The eccentricities of John Randolph unfitted him for leadership.

A muddy, marshy, unhealthy spot, it was unfitted for a city.

You will find that your life with us will have unfitted you for this.

But parents complained that it unfitted them for the fields.

They blamed not him but the disastrous training that had unfitted him for the command of men.

He would never give up his world, and he had said she was unfitted for his.