Unfitting [adjective]

Definition of Unfitting:

not suitable

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfitting:

Sentence/Example of Unfitting:

Nor were the group assembled there, unfitting tenants of the spot.

No, these were no common walls, yet unfitting to gaze on while you told a client you loved her.

It is said that she is unfitting herself to be a wife and mother.

Obviously, then, the threatened place was unfitting for the Countess of Fleetwood.

It was a savage way of putting it, which was not unfitting the scene.

The memory of this scene is not unfitting to the modern angler.

I have frightened you; forget it, my child, I am unfitting for so frail a thing as you.

The course of events had shewn him that such praise was unfitting.

Such a character was no unfitting object for dramatic satire.

She had rejected the idea as unfitting, impossible, and almost unfeminine.