Unflagging [adjective]

Definition of Unflagging:


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Sentence/Example of Unflagging:

Was this, then, the end of his six years of unflagging devotion?

Here was a woman of insistent, unflagging, unending activity.

All that night and next day they wrought with unflagging energy at the pumps.

Here and there were the prints of their clawed feet—the signs of their unflagging pursuit.

All boys will read his stories with eager and unflagging interest.

He had a passion for athletics and was one of the Nines most unflagging rooters.

His equipment was simple faith, definite purpose, and unflagging zeal.

For three days the hunt had been pressed with unflagging zeal.

They will read with unflagging interest to the end of the narrative.

We have read chapter after chapter of this work with unflagging interest.