Unflattering [adjective]

Definition of Unflattering:


Synonyms of Unflattering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unflattering:

Sentence/Example of Unflattering:

Already he could feel that hate was a strong passion, not unflattering to its object.

"I never heard her say anything about you," Theodora said, with unflattering directness.

He is a rival before whom your senses wince as before some unflattering image.

He was apologetic for his unflattering doubt, but of what sort was she?

"You're an utter ass," said Clint with unflattering conviction.

At the end of a week I had received a full and most unflattering account of her girlhood.

Do not bear me a grudge for the unflattering portrait of myself which I have given you.

Anything he could say would but put himself in a most unflattering light.

He turned on his heel, with an unflattering abruptness, and left me.

Geraldine protests against these unflattering allusions to her notes.