Unflinchingly [adverb]

Definition of Unflinchingly:


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Sentence/Example of Unflinchingly:

She met my eye as unflinchingly as if her bosom had been steeled with conscious innocence.

I say that he went on unflinchingly, and surely no goat could have climbed quicker than he did.

He could have faced death as he had faced it before, unflinchingly; that was all in the day's work.

"They would have hung him at the yard-arm, as he deserved," said Hurlstone unflinchingly.

Three pairs of eyes watched him as he entered, but he faced them unflinchingly.

His face was drawn and white, but he faced me unflinchingly.

It was her gift to make comfort about her while she followed her own will unflinchingly.

He gave Harboro a final searching look and then turned about unflinchingly.

Unflinchingly he stands the inquisitorial glance, and for the time Phoebe is foiled.

She is suggesting a martyrdom for herself, yet she does it unflinchingly.