Unfocused [adjective]

Definition of Unfocused:


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Sentence/Example of Unfocused:

His eyes had an unfocused look, as though they were made of glass.

They were slightly crossed, unfocused as they were by the force of the blow.

His grey eyes were wide and bright and unfocused—his cheeks scarlet.

Such interest as we feel at the end of the first act is vague and unfocused.

We must bring in the generations, harnessing the unused talent of the elderly and the unfocused energy of the young.

Dark eyes rigid, unfocused, behind them Jim's own image of a crackpot redhead who was Callista's friend.

They were indistinct memories, vague and unfocused figures with hollow, dreamlike voices.

At the rim of it gleamed Jesse's little blue eyes, unfocused like those of a baby at the breast.

I set it down next to the computer and kind of unfocused my eyes, trying to find things that looked out of place.

In other words, it is an uneducated mind, an unfocused mind, a primitive mind.