Unfolded [verb]

Definition of Unfolded:

spread out

Synonyms of Unfolded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfolded:

Sentence/Example of Unfolded:

As I was about to unfold these projects at breakfast, a telegram was handed to me.

There is essential goodness in him;—and what delight to unfold it!

The brethren whose mysteries I am about to unfold to you are far more ingenious.

I could a tale, or two, unfold, but that—that's another volume.

Even the most backward among the trees had commenced to unfold their buds.

“Doctor”—with his eyes on the paper, which he had begun to unfold.

A hint of a clue to the creature's action began to unfold in his mind.

The questions should seek to unfold new phases of the subject.

She proceeded to unfold it, and then put it over my head, smiling all the time.

Anderson was convinced that the bed of that slough, if uncovered, could unfold a tale.