Unformed [adjective]

Definition of Unformed:

not formed

Synonyms of Unformed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unformed:

Sentence/Example of Unformed:

Its style is unformed, sometimes rhetorical, sometimes familiar.

How mighty the influence of which the unformed minds of a group of children are susceptible!

And then the thought first came to my mind, all unformed, but still sweet.

I was only an ignorant, silly, unformed girl, and you were so different.

But she had to admit there was no telling what the mushrooms might do to Floating Lily's unformed spirit.

He perceived the quality of Renee's unformed character which he could not express.

They are more at home with the unformed, which lends itself to feeling and imagination.

And there, in the midst of them, lay a note addressed with my name in a big, unformed hand.

Thought ended there; and feeling, which is unformed thought, began.

Nor do they show any signs of an unformed or imperfect state.