Unfortunately [adverb]

Definition of Unfortunately:


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Sentence/Example of Unfortunately:

The general probability of his statements could not, unfortunately be gainsaid.

To do this is not as easy as it would be if our race-mind worked that way; but unfortunately it does not.

It is the sensible schemes, unfortunately, that are hopeless in England.

The only cheap commodity, one unfortunately we cannot live upon, is the bouquet.

And we couldn't do the thing, unfortunately, as it deals with the harem.

And, unfortunately, it was not time yet to bid the creature "farewell."

Unfortunately, the property of Madame Rigaud was settled upon herself.

Unfortunately for my peace of mind, I adore but too readily.

Unfortunately, it does not bind me more than I am bound; but it binds you, Rosa, you.

His Holiness, unfortunately, is not always prudently advised.