Ungainliness [noun]

Definition of Ungainliness:

clumsiness; inelegance

Opposite/Antonyms of Ungainliness:

Sentence/Example of Ungainliness:

To the ungainliness of her figure her mode of dressing not a little contributed.

Also an air of ungainliness in the lines of the lean body, rather than the feline smoothness and grace of the norm-blend.

Spite of its size and ungainliness, it is very nimble, and can accomplish a leap of upwards of six feet in height.

The King was plain even to ungainliness—a strange thing for the son of one of the most beautiful women that ever lived.

His ungainliness gave him enough of the air of his simile to set Rosa off laughing heartily.

Though of unshapely body and awkward gait, his ungainliness intensified by his long hair, the goat is a most skillful climber.

Demosthenes combated an impediment in speech and ungainliness of gesture, which at first drove him from the forum in disgrace.

The exigencies of the beadwork, however, lends a certain stiffness and ungainliness to the figures.

He was conscious of his ungainliness and reddened a little as he fumbled on the inside and outside of his coat.