Ungainly [adjective]

Definition of Ungainly:


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Sentence/Example of Ungainly:

The animal waddled toward the centre of the circle, short and squat and ungainly.

It was ridiculous and ungainly, lying there on his back with legs sprawling in the air.

Then, from the ungainly hoyden had been evolved this charming, delicate and lovely creature.

The ungainly little Scot did not leave the Wythburn district.

Thousands of ungainly boats, rafts and scows were waiting to be launched.

The ungainly, stubby forms seemed to rise from every crevice in the floor.

Slowly rising from his seat was a figure as ungainly as the other had been elegant.

In many of the Sagas, and in many scenes, the characters are dull and ungainly.

And his son's mind seemed to him at this moment as ungainly as his person.

Yet this ungainly ploughboy became a man whom to know was to admire.