Ungifted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ungifted:

But the most neglected and ungifted of men may make a beginning with faith.

She was a woman alone, she was growing old, she was ungifted.

Small, ungifted, he early learned to be content with little.

The One or Few, who are ungifted and unphilosophical: perhaps ambitious pretenders.

Neither the ignorant nor the ungifted man makes the valid new hypothesis.

But a small number of the race of women (you may perchance find one among many) not ungifted with the muse.

Nor was he ungifted in the manipulation of conditions by skillful management in the execution of his chosen purposes.

The paintings are numerous; and some of them, the works of no ungifted pencils, are well worthy of a second look.

Ungifted, un-gif′ted, adj. not gifted, not having received a gift.