Ungovernable [adjective]

Definition of Ungovernable:

out of control

Synonyms of Ungovernable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ungovernable:

Sentence/Example of Ungovernable:

The excitement of the populace was now ungovernable and the air was filled with groans and cries.

He had frankly admitted his ungovernable temper and had deplored it.

If they are opposed they fly into ungovernable passions and blind rages.

The cause of this sudden and ungovernable exclamation can be no other than a woman.

She seems to have been impatient, violent, and ungovernable.

When she returned I was mad with a fit of ungovernable rage.

Save the multitude, endangered by its own ungovernable passions.

A university professor was afflicted with an ungovernable temper.

Yet they still seemed perfectly refractory and ungovernable.

And yet what an ungovernable child he had been only a year ago!