Ungraceful [adjective]

Definition of Ungraceful:

not graceful

Synonyms of Ungraceful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ungraceful:

Sentence/Example of Ungraceful:

Must we make the ungraceful confession that Gerald was not very much in love!

"It was all there," but all unseemly, ungraceful, undignified; for Polly Dill was pretty.

He was long and lean and angular, and his positions were ungraceful.

A new fashion of dress seems at first to be absurd, ungraceful, or indecent.

The sharp, and yet not ungraceful, retorts which I mentioned may be instanced as follows.

I had hoped to have announced this news in a less abrupt and ungraceful manner.

The dress of these women was simple, like themselves, and not ungraceful.

Though Nick was ignorant, he was not ungraceful, and the village laughed and admired.

Charles was of good height as well as figure, and not ungraceful.

Yet there was nothing masculine or ungraceful in her emotion.